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18 Jul Find us at Hamilton World Music Festival

 This weekend marks an exciting event taking place - the Hamilton World Music Festival. This festival encompasses music from around the world and celebrates culture and diversity. Admission is free and vendors will be selling different products and food items, including the Immigrants Working Centre, from Friday to Sunday. IWC will be selling our Ladida products, which are made from organic and all natural ingredients. We have...

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01 Nov Introducing your Marketplace Cooks

It’s only been four months since Fadi Al Kanakri and Hazem Alkanakri arrived in Canada as Syrian refugees. For Emad AlKarri, just seven months. Today, Hamilton is their home. With years of experience working in the food industry...

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08 Dec Moja One

Selbina Mwendwa is the owner of the import business MOJA ONE. She imports handmade gifts from her home village in Kenya. IWC supports the entrepreneurial vision of immigrants and provided Mwendwa a space at the International Marketplace. Her success has changed the lives of many people....

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03 Dec Featured Vendors 2015

All of the featured vendors will be here selling their goodies on all of the market dates. Come out and support economic development for immigrant and refugee women in Hamilton....

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08 Dec Vendor Highlight: Selbina Mwendwa

Selbina Mwendwa, a Kenyan immigrant who now lives in Hamilton, is using her import business to empower women from her original village while also empowering herself. Since coming to Canada, she's started importing and selling items sculpted from soapstone unique to Tabaka. She coordinates with her aunt, who still lives in the village and collects the crafts from local women. ...

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