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Finding a New Passion in Welding

On a snowy winter day, Oscar made his way to the IWC office to talk to us about his story and how he has been able to find his passion in Hamilton. He is a welder, topographer and soon to...

/ March 5, 2019

Romeo and Juliet

Source (banner photo): | File:Frederic Leighton – The feigned death of Juliet

/ February 13, 2019

Jane Eyre

/ February 13, 2019

Frontline Faces: Rana Aldibs

A new year is a good time to set goals and resolutions, and many of us choose to focus on our physical health and renewing healthy habits this time of the year. Rana Aldibs, a Health and Wellness Coordinator and...

/ January 15, 2019