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The impact of quality care

Manal Naeimh’s smile is warm and gracious, as she waits for her doctor at a local health clinic. She and her husband Khosy Saleh live together in a two-bedroom apartment in Hamilton with her mother-in-law, Wazeera Al-Qaisi. As they struggle...

/ November 5, 2012

How to solve Canada’s doctor shortage

Dr. Aida Elnagar from Sudan has passed all her qualifying exams for medical practice in Canada and volunteers at Refuge: Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health while she seeks a residency position, which is required for employment. Nearly 1.9 million Canadians...

/ November 2, 2012

Start all over again

Judith Atwiine and Geoffrey Tumwesigye immigrated to Canada as Foreign Trained Professionals according to Canadian rules for skilled immigrants. Between them and their year-long quest for a stable Canadian life stood unforeseen medical bills and living expenses, an unimagined slow job market, and worst of all, a dishonest landlord. However,...

/ September 17, 2012