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Healthcare advocates unite at newcomer clinic

Refuge: Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health has completed its first year of operation by successfully gathering support and interest from both clients and fellow service providers in the community. In November of 2011, prominent Hamiltonians Hodan Ali and Dr. Elisabeth...

/ November 5, 2012

Making Hamilton Home

What does it take to feel rooted in a new place? What makes a place feel like home? These are questions we wrestle with as we walk alongside refugee claimants who have come through the doors of Micah House. Micah...

/ January 15, 2012

Fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mubotulo Louise came to Canada approximately a year and a half ago accompanied by seven children and one grandchild. Her journey to Canada follows a path of tension, fear and hope. Louise recalls when armed men came to her home...

/ May 22, 2011