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Finding Refuge from El Salvador

I was thirteen-years-old when I first came to Canada. Leaving El Salvador was very sad, but I was old enough to understand that we had to leave; that if we wanted to escape the violence and fear of death, then...

/ January 19, 2012

Immigrant Spotlight: Linda Mao

Linda Mao moved to Canada with her family from China. As a new immigrant, she had to face a new social system and unknown experiences. Although she was a doctor at a municipal hospital in China, she found an entry-level...

/ November 9, 2011

Fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mubotulo Louise came to Canada approximately a year and a half ago accompanied by seven children and one grandchild. Her journey to Canada follows a path of tension, fear and hope. Louise recalls when armed men came to her home...

/ May 22, 2011