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Job Search Workshop – JSW, is a free workshop for newcomers who need assistance in their job search in Canada.

At the JSW, it is recognized that the main goal of the job seeker is to find the opportunity that best fits their career plan. It is important, for the job seeker to be aware of what employers are looking for in the job seekers line of occupation. This is especially important if the job seeker is a newcomer trying to settle down in a new work environment.

The job seeker will need to take their time when applying for jobs in their field.

Going through the job search process is a frame of mind and can be very discouraging if you, as a job seeker, are not well prepared. Arming yourself with a thorough understanding of your occupation in the place where you live or want to live, and what employers are looking for when they want to hire becomes crucial to your success as a job seeker.

Occupational research and being able to have effective job search tools and resources is one way of successfully managing the job search process.

When you look for employment, what are your challenges in finding work? The JSW program enables clients to have the knowledge and skills they need to better understand the strategies, business perspective and next steps of their job search process.

Do you know what skill sets Canadian employers are looking for in your occupation? Attend one of the JSW Modules to assist you in figuring it out. We will help you to strategize and to better understand next steps of your own job search process including: understand what Canadian companies want; find and list the skills, education, salary and requirements of a Canadian occupation; list and describe your skills and accomplishments; match and analyze your professional skills; create a list of networking contacts; and plan the next steps in your own job search process.

JSW focuses on assisting newcomers and internationally-trained professionals to build confidence and self-esteem. It also develops skills and accomplishments by building selfefficacy in job searching and promoting self-analysis. The job seeker will develop knowledge on how to make their own informed choices as well as understand the connections between the job search process and the employer’s perspective. Participants will able to decide their next “job search steps”, including other programs and services.

-Rosemary Aswani | Photo by Michelle Drew

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