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The Ultimate Guide to ENGLISH


The Ulmitate Guide To Enlgish Book

The Ultimate Guide to English, is a complete reference & workbook for self-guided study with over 500 multiple choice questions to practice vocabulary and grammar!

The book is divided into 5 units:

  • Unit 1: Focuses on introducing Grammar essentials to learners
  • Unit 2: Highlights reading strategies with “real world” reading passages
  • Unit 3: Emphasizes writing essentials (Spelling rules, Punctuation, Capitalization)
  • Unit 4: Is an enriching unit that introduces Canadian Idioms, Latin Numerals and Acronyms
  • Unit 5: Contains intensive exercises for learners to practice writing, grammar and vocabulary

ENGLISH for Canadian Employment


In this handbook, instructors will find a series of lesson plans that meet the PBLA guidelines, and CLB outcomes. Adaptable lesson plans, ready to go activity ideas, suggestions on how to evaluate and much more! ( For levels CLB FL – 8 )

In this book you will find:

  • Adaptable and flexible lesson plans
  • Clear and easy to follow exercises to teach essential digital competencies
  • Templates to use on how to answer professional emails
  • Give your students the language tools to report accidents in the workplace
  • Resources on how to to conduct an online job search
  • Lessons on how to write resumes and cover letters
    and much more!

About the author:

Wael Ghali has a long track record of excellence in the field of education, both in Canada and abroad. He is certified by University of Cambridge to teach English to Speakers of Other Language, the Ontario College of Teachers, and by TESL Ontario. Wael Ghali was selected to receive the Excellence in Adult Teaching Award in 2017 in Hamilton, Ontario.

He has been a teacher at Immigrants Working Centre for 7 years, where he currently teaches Intensive Communication For Work.

He is also the author of the English for Canadian Employment book.


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