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FIND YOUR FIRST JOB IN CANADAGet job-ready with us

Learn what Canadian employers want newcomers to know about getting a job in Canada!

The Job Search Workshops program assists you in gaining knowledge and skills to better understand strategies, business perspectives and next steps relating to the job search process.

Are you looking for information on how to enter your occupation field in Canada?

Job Search Workshop is designed for newcomers and International Trained Professionals.

JSW Module 1 | 4-day workshop
JSW Module 2 | 4-day workshop
JSW A La Carte | 1-day session
RESUME Clinic | every Monday 9:30 – 11:30 am

Job Search Workshops (JSW) offers you:

  • Employment needs assessment by trained assessors
  • 1-on-1 job search coaching
  • Pre-employment workshops conducted in a computerized environment
  • Specialists who understand the job search needs of people new to Canada
  • Interview tips and techniques
  • Customized action plans, résumés and personal interview preparation
  • Access to computers and fax machines
  • Referral services to appropriate contacts in the community
  • An environment to learn about job search strategies and Canadian business perspectives
  • Care for Newcomer Children: available on-site for program participants

Program Details

JSW Module 1
  • Understanding the Canadian company perspective of employment (what they want)
  • Listing and describing your own work history, within a Canadian context
  • Listing and describing your skills and accomplishments
  • Matching and analyzing your professional skills to a minimum of one Canadian occupation
  • Creating a list of networking contacts
  • Planning the next step(s) in your own job search process

JSW Module 2

  • Understanding the Canadian company perspective of recruiting, hiring, resume selection and interviewing
  • Learning strategies to “cold” call a company
  • Locating advertised job postings from a variety of sources
  • Writing a “targeted” resume/cover letter that communicates your skills/experience
  • Applying for a job using a targeted resume/cover letter
  • Understanding interviewing techniques and practice answers to common interview questions

JSW A La Carte Sessions
A la Carte practice workshops were designed to provide opportunities for JSW clients to increase their confidence and to job search preparedness.

These short workshops tackles four different topics which includes:

  • Writing emails for job search
  • Building your network using LinkedIn
  • Networking and Small Talk
  • Public Speaking

Who can participate:

Individuals new to Canada who are ready, willing and able to work and able to communicate in the English language; permanent residents, convention refugees or live-in-caregivers.

If you seek employment services but are not eligible for our services, you may contact the following agencies to make an appointment.

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