Hamilton – Health Care


Hamilton is home to Hamilton Health Sciences, a system of six separate hospitals and a cancer centre that make up one of the strongest health care networks in the country. There is also a strong network of community-based health services in Hamilton.  North Hamilton Community Health Centre and Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre deliver primary care services in combination with health promotion and community development.

The City of Hamilton delivers a number of health and well-being programs as well. The Dental Health Bus is a mobile dental clinic offering free dental emergency services to those who do not have dental insurance. Free dental care is also provided for children under 18 who do not have dental insurance. City of Hamilton Public Health offers a number of other services including cancer screening, mental health services, vaccines and immunization clinics, sexual health clinics and much more.

There are also walk-in and urgent care clinics across the city you can visit for non-emergencies if you do not have a family doctor, or your doctor is not available. Family doctors taking new patients can be found through the Hamilton Academy of Medicine, which also provides answers to frequently asked questions about medical services in Hamilton.  If you have a valid OHIP card, you can also get a referral to a family doctor through Health Care Connect. This service gives priority to those with greater health needs.

Along with its publicly funded health care system, available through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), the province offers health related services that can be accessed in Hamilton.  Telehealth Ontario provides free, confidential health advice and information on the phone, and other programs and services to promote health and well being for Ontarians.

For information and one-on-one support with health and other settlement needs, contact a Settlement Worker at Immigrant Women’s Centre.

Photo by Phalinn Ooi.