Hamilton – Housing


Though Hamilton is located only 40 minutes from Toronto, the housing prices are much more affordable. For both renting and buying, most housing costs significantly less than Toronto.

Since there are so many post-secondary institutions in the city, there are a significant number of rental properties available. If you have trouble finding appropriate housing, City Housing Hamilton works with local agencies to provide support, as well as safe, affordable housing in many of Hamilton’s communities.

Hamilton has many neighborhoods, each with different features and character. Many of the downtown neighbourhoods (Beasley, Durand, Gibson-Landsdale, Kirkendall, Sherman Hub and Corktown) have active community associations. Neighbours often get together for park clean-up events, summer festivals, celebrations, walking tours, outdoor barbeques and more.

If you are looking for housing to rent, the Housing Help Centre has a Housing Guide for Newcomers to Hamilton and links to various rental listings. Also for renters, Hamilton Community Legal Clinic provides information on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and support with landlord-tenant issues.

For home buyers, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the primary listing resource for homes for sale. In addition, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation provides information on various financial assistance programs for renters and buyers, as well as information on renting and buying homes in Canada.

For more information or one-on-one support with housing in Hamilton, contact a Settlement Worker at the Immigrant Women’s Centre.

Photo by Ali Eminov.