Newcomers get certified to work at heights

Ontario has rolled in a new law requiring all workers in the construction industry to have ‘Working at Heights’ certification.

For newcomers to Canada, there can be barriers to accessing this training. IWC has stepped in the gap – offering the training as part of the WorkLINC Construction Industry program – preparing newcomers for work in their field.

Celebrating Sikh Heritage in Hamilton

When Vicky Thind first moved to Canada almost 20 years ago, it took her a few years to feel connected in her community.

Now, she aims to bring together newcomers through community engagement. One of those ways is through her volunteer work helping to organize the Hamilton’s Sikh Heritage Month Celebrations.

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One woman’s path to Canadian citizenship

For many newcomers to Canada, building a life in a new country is full of anticipation and opportunity, but also challenge and obstacle. For immigrants who left behind an established life in their home country, starting from scratch can be daunting: learning a new language, understanding a new workplace culture, building a community, and searching for employment. The list is long.

In her home country of Vietnam, Diep Nguyen had a career she loved. She worked for the federal government in the Ministry of Health, a job she worked hard to achieve.

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Standing together for Refugee Rights

Refugee Rights Day happens on April 4 each year in Canada. It is the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to recognize the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protection of refugees’ fundamental rights in our country.

Supporters from the Immigrants Working Centre community joined together to share messages in honour of refugees for the day. Here are their messages.