5 Steps for Every Newcomer Job Searching in Canada


5 Steps for Every Newcomer Job Searching in Canada
By Immigrants Working Centre




5 Steps for every newcomer job searching in Canada:

1) Set a long-term and short-term career goal. Prepare an action plan with steps to reach your goal.
Decide what job you want in Canada. How can you get there? If you need assistance creating an action plan, contact one of our Employment Specialists or view a Career Action Plan Template.

2) Research what skills and qualifications employers are looking for in your field.
Find a posting for a job you’d like and make sure you have the right qualifications and skills. If not, add steps to your action plan to develop your skill set.

3) Learn about the hiring process of different companies. Strategize to network and connect with employers.
What company would you like to work for? Attend networking events such as Hamilton Newcomers Club to meet with local employers. 

4) Seek volunteer opportunities in your field to better understand the Canadian workplace and gain local references.
Find a local organization looking for volunteers and gain experience in your community. Not only will you learn about workplace culture in Canada, but if work hard, you will also gain a reference.

5) Learn to market yourself. Be ready to convince the employer you are the right candidate for the job.
Prepare for a job interview and learn how to explain to employers their accomplishments and successes at work. Try the SOAR Approach to answering questions.