What you should know about the Government of Ontario’s “Free Tuition Grant”

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On March 14, 2016, the Government of Ontario released their 2016 Budget. As part of the budget, the government announced changes to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and grant options for college and university students in Ontario. Included in those changes is the new Ontario Student Grant, which is designed to provide more support to low-income and economically vulnerable students.

Diversity in Poetic Literature is Resistance

Amanda Cheung

Among the greatest allures of poetry, is the opportunity it presents as a home for the overlooked. Poetry has long been a safe space for unheard and misunderstood voices in the literary world. In its simple yet beautiful defiance of the laws of formal literature, it stands as the smallest revolution of a writer. There is no better place for marginalized writers to flourish, yet, there is still a fight for diversity in poetic literature.

The Art of Surveillance

This spring, the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre (WAHC) will be hosting an exhibition featuring the works of artists Riaz Mehmood, and Gail Bourgeois. WAHC has been operational for twenty years as a museum that, according to Program Coordinator Tara Bursey, “conveys the current and historical experiences of working people locally, as well as throughout Ontario and the rest of Canada.”

Book Review: THE ILLEGAL

The Illegal (HarperCollins) is the latest novel from Hamilton-based author, Lawrence Hill. Released this past September, the timing of book seemed perfect, if for an unfortunate reason. Its release ran alongside the world’s attention forced toward the thousands of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and the surrounding areas, and the sometimes-deadly voyages they faced in hopes of to finding homes elsewhere.

My Neighbour’s Story – Living the War Overseas

I picked up the phone to call Awad* today. The phone on the other end picks up.
“Hello?” says a soft and distressed voice.
“How are you?” I ask.
“ISIS killed my brother today.”
Through heavy sobbing, I’m able to get pieces of the story.