Connections make a difference

In Canada, many people work to fight against racism. Despite our efforts, it sometimes seems impossible to completely eliminate. Racism is present in many aspects of our society from employment, to housing, to our day-to-day interactions. How many times have you seen a job posting that says, “This employer is equality-seeking and welcomes applicants from… Continue reading Connections make a difference

My name as a barrier

You don’t actually need to be an immigrant to be an immigrant. Born and raised in Canada, some would think I would be as “Canadian” as the next person. But society tells me otherwise. I have not been through any immigration process, I have not had to apply for citizenship and I do not peak with an accent. But my tanned skin and my… Continue reading My name as a barrier

Youth flees Darfur, hopes to reunite with family

  “My dream was to be united with my family in Canada. I believe in hard work and the importance of education. I am grateful for Canada for giving me the opportunity to start again.” “I was 13 years old when the War started in South Sudan. We feared genocide and did not know where… Continue reading Youth flees Darfur, hopes to reunite with family

Karen family finds freedom in Hamilton

Over sixty years of torture, rape, murder, forced labour and village burning by the Burmese military resulted in over 140,000 Karen people successfully fleeing to refugee camps on the Thai-Burmese border. Eight refugee camps have been established along the border, which are filled with people who survived the dangerous and long journey through the jungle… Continue reading Karen family finds freedom in Hamilton

Family granted residency after 17 year struggle

Lillian Montenegro left Guatemala in 1994, fleeing her country’s thirty six year civil war. She went to the United States seeking a stable place to start her family. Settling in California, she gave birth to two children. For ten years, Montenegro worked to get her status, but after exhausting all her options she soon learned… Continue reading Family granted residency after 17 year struggle

Former ‘Globe’ still haven for youth

Since the closure of the Globe Youth Centre in December 2010, the youth who formerly attended it have been hoping, dreaming, and organizing for its revitalization. Housed in the historic Centenary United Church on 24 Main Street West, the centre was a staple for newcomer youth in Hamilton. Through collaboration from youth and community groups,… Continue reading Former ‘Globe’ still haven for youth