Hairstylists Begin Training

Hairstylists begin training at Bruno’s Schools Of Hair Design In March, four participants began the Hairstylist Refresher Apprenticeship program at Bruno’s School of Hair Design. The four women shared their excitement about starting a new life in Canada and having the opportunity to work in something they are passionate about. During this apprenticeship, they will… Continue reading Hairstylists Begin Training

A Mentor’s Journey

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In 2016, Nadya arrived to Canada holding on to all the memories she had as a teacher, yet worried about the students she left behind.  She was determined to continue doing what she loves the most. Shortly after her arrival, she learned that the education system in Canada was a lot different than back home,… Continue reading A Mentor’s Journey

Life after genocide: Chantal’s Story

“Obviously it hasn’t been easy – but now I feel home. I’m proud of what I have accomplished and where I have come from,” says Chantal, who now works as a Therapeutic Counsellor for people with dementia and their families. Of course, she knows firsthand the struggles refugees face. “We go through a lot of… Continue reading Life after genocide: Chantal’s Story