Volunteering increases skills for employment

Volunteering offers numerous long-term benefits, including practical work experience, professional references, networking opportunities and valuable community contributions. Ofelia Ramirez has discovered this firsthand, as someone who has used volunteering to improve her situation and increase her opportunities. Recently appointed to the position of fill-in Administrative Assistant for the Immigrant Women’s Centre, Ramirez now speaks of… Continue reading Volunteering increases skills for employment

Immigrant Spotlight: Marbell

Like many immigrants from Central America, Marbell Flores, her husband and their six-month-old son came to Canada in search of a better life, leaving the political turmoil of their native Nicaragua behind. The 53-year-old recalls her arrival in 1985 in Hamilton: “It was not easy at the beginning. We needed to learn the language and… Continue reading Immigrant Spotlight: Marbell

Immigrant Spotlight: Ponsiree

Meet Ponsiree Sae Lim, a 38-year-old single mother who was born in Thailand and is determined to be an independent woman here in Hamilton. Before coming to Canada in 2004, she managed her own hair salon. She arrived as a visitor with her former partner, a Canadian teacher. They lived together and had a son,… Continue reading Immigrant Spotlight: Ponsiree

Immigrant Spotlight: Julia Serna

Julia Serna loves to make fresh coffee for her customers in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market, and she is proud to be the original vendor of fair-trade, organic coffee in the Market. “She likes working with people, enjoys the opportunity to innovate and be creative, and is confident about the good quality of her product.” When… Continue reading Immigrant Spotlight: Julia Serna