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[Dis]placment in Hamilton: Tools for Tenant Rights
By Immigrants Working Centre





“Losing your housing (your home, your place, your community) when it’s not your fault; involuntary loss of housing”


“The process by which older, run-down neighbourhoods are rebuilt, rejuvenated and repopulated with people with higher incomes which leads to higher rent prices”

Displacement is caused by gentrification.


Rent Increases in Hamilton

2 Bedroom Apartment
Downtown Core
2013: $895
2016: $1036

East End
2013: $923
2016: $1113

Some Landlords are taking advantage of higher rent prices by displacing tenants.



What tactics are landlords using to displace tenants?

  • Buy-outs: offering $$$ for tenants to leave (anecdotally $500-$2000 maybe more)
  • Renoviction: disruptive renovations that force tenants to leave due to poor living conditions
  • Eviction notices: baseless Notice of Termination (N12, N13, N5) are given to evict tenants
  • State of disrepair: not maintain units, which forces tenants to leave (due to poor living conditions)

With higher rents everywhere displaced tenants can be priced out of their neighbourhoods. What can be done?



Know your Rights. Take Action!

Did you:

  • Receive an eviction notice? You don’t have to leave. Call the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic for support.
  • Tell your landlord about a maintenance issue and nothing has been fixed? Call the City of Hamilton Property Standards for an inspection.
  • Get rid of your belongings because of mould, pests, etc? Try to get money back by completing a T2/T6 form. Call the HCLC for advice.
  • Not act because you are intimidated or scared? Organize with other tenants to have your issues addressed.



Resources in Hamilton

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