Jane Eyre

/ February 13, 2019

Frontline Faces: Rana Aldibs

A new year is a good time to set goals and resolutions, and many of us choose to focus on our physical health and renewing healthy habits this time of the year. Rana Aldibs, a Health and Wellness Coordinator and...

/ January 15, 2019

“A Success Story in Progress”

A few short months ago, Sheryll and her husband Erwin, made their dream of living in Canada come true. They arrived in Hamilton with little expectations but determined to succeed in their new life. Sheryll and Erwin, share their journey...

/ November 6, 2018

TradesLink prepares newcomers for jobs in construction

“I want to work… Any work would be OK,” said Omar, 56, who chose Hamilton because of its substantial Yemeni community. “I don’t want to (receive) welfare, but I need it right now to survive.” After hearing about the Immigrants...

/ July 10, 2018

A Mentor’s Journey

In 2016, Nadya arrived to Canada holding on to all the memories she had as a teacher, yet worried about the students she left behind.  She was determined to continue doing what she loves the most. Shortly after her arrival,...

/ May 8, 2018

Immigrant Spotlight: Q & A with Artur Gnandt

Tell us your story of coming to Canada as an immigrant. AG: We came to Canada 5 years ago from Romania. Life was challenging in Eastern Europe, my wife and I had great jobs, but that wasn’t enough to prosper....

/ August 8, 2017