Immigrant Spotlight: Linda Mao

Linda Mao moved to Canada with her family from China. As a new immigrant, she had to face a new social system and unknown experiences. Although she was a doctor at a municipal hospital in China, she found an entry-level...

/ November 9, 2011

Family granted residency after 17 year struggle

Lillian Montenegro left Guatemala in 1994, fleeing her country’s thirty six year civil war. She went to the United States seeking a stable place to start her family. Settling in California, she gave birth to two children. For ten years,...

/ October 19, 2011

Former ‘Globe’ still haven for youth

Since the closure of the Globe Youth Centre in December 2010, the youth who formerly attended it have been hoping, dreaming, and organizing for its revitalization. Housed in the historic Centenary United Church on 24 Main Street West, the centre...

/ October 19, 2011

Family may face deportation despite threat of violence, discrimination

Two and a half years ago, Silvia Gaziova and her family came to Canada seeking refugee status from Slovakia. Because of their Roma ethnicity, they experienced severe discrimination in their home country. Despite reporting police beatings, attempted sterilization, and the threat of neo-nazi attacks, their refugee claim...

/ June 22, 2011

Settlement Path of Support

1. Documentation | 2. Settlement | 2. Language Training | 4. Housing | 5.Education | 6. Healthcare | 7. Employment

/ June 20, 2011

Fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mubotulo Louise came to Canada approximately a year and a half ago accompanied by seven children and one grandchild. Her journey to Canada follows a path of tension, fear and hope. Louise recalls when armed men came to her home...

/ May 22, 2011