Int’l Marketplace to celebrate Syrian culture

Hazem Alkanakri, Emad AlKarri and Fadi Al Kanakri will cook Syrian food for the Hamilton community at the 12th annual International Marketplace – Taste of the Middle East on December 2 & 3.

It’s only been four months since Fadi Al Kanakri and Hazem Alkanakri arrived in Canada as Syrian refugees. For Emad AlKarri, just seven months. Today, Hamilton is their home.

Uniting Hamilton’s Russian community

Conserving your cultural heritage in a new country doesn’t always happen naturally. The balance between adapting to your new home and maintaining your values and traditions takes careful harmonizing. Veronika Vakhova found that celebrating her heritage was especially difficult without an organized community to host events and meet other Russians. Bravely, she decided to use… Continue reading Uniting Hamilton’s Russian community