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Volunteering increases skills for employment

Volunteering offers numerous long-term benefits, including practical work experience, professional references, networking opportunities and valuable community contributions. Ofelia Ramirez has discovered this firsthand, as someone who has used volunteering to improve her situation and increase her opportunities. Recently appointed to...

/ May 1, 2012

Mural artist in a new country

  Eddyth Gaviria was always artistic, but until she visited a dental office for her son’s appointment, she never considered making a career of her abilities. “[…] I saw the murals in the office,” explained Gaviria, “and I [thought] ‘I...

/ May 1, 2012

Immigrant Spotlight: Ponsiree

Meet Ponsiree Sae Lim, a 38-year-old single mother who was born in Thailand and is determined to be an independent woman here in Hamilton. Before coming to Canada in 2004, she managed her own hair salon. She arrived as a...

/ November 19, 2011