Dance Is Culture Made Visible

Photo courtesy of BAHAR Dance Group

By Elisabeth Chernichenko Who are we, and how do we fit in? Sometimes, the only answer is to dance. “I see dancing as a way [to] express my feelings and beliefs about my culture. [Iranian] culture is a big part of my identity and I try to keep in touch with it through the traditional… Continue reading Dance Is Culture Made Visible

Where are the voices of immigrant women?

Canada’s immigration level has increased in recent years. Citizenship and Immigration Canada reported that 257,515 newcomers entered Canada in 2012, which is a jump from the previous year’s total of 248,751. Yet, for McMaster University social work professor Mirna Carranza, this slight spike in numbers does little to highlight the actual stories and experiences of… Continue reading Where are the voices of immigrant women?

Breaking Barriers, Building Pathways

The geographical separation between McMaster University and Hamilton’s downtown community has been said to be a barrier. However, McMaster’s President, Peatrick Deane, is working hard to create partnerships with local agencies and organizations to connect these two distinct Hamilton communities. For the month of March, the President’s hallway became a gallery space for a group… Continue reading Breaking Barriers, Building Pathways