Syrian family reunited with son after 11 month separation

When Abdel Kafi Al Rahmoun first walked into Vivyan Salih’s office at Immigrants Working Centre with tears in his eyes, she knew something was wrong. His family had been separated from their 19-year-old son on their way to Canada.

“The smooth face of the past map is scratched…

Amanda Cheun

The definition of a Renaissance man is “an outstanding versatile, well-rounded person who has a broad range of intellectual interests.” Based on such an understanding, meet Sozan Jamil—Renaissance woman! She is a writer, poet, translator, mother, homemaker, world traveler, and businesswoman.
Sozan is 49 and in many ways, has lived two lives within her lifetime.

The impact of quality care

Manal Naeimh’s smile is warm and gracious, as she waits for her doctor at a local health clinic. She and her husband Khosy Saleh live together in a two-bedroom apartment in Hamilton with her mother-in-law, Wazeera Al-Qaisi. As they struggle with looming health problems, having access to quality healthcare has stabilized their lives.

Hamilton’s Top Five Most Welcoming Spaces (for newcomer women)

The public spaces in our city play an important role in determining how inclusive and welcoming Hamilton is. Community spaces can be both inclusive and exclusive to different people for different reasons. To determine in which public spaces newcomer women feel most safe and welcome in Hamilton, the Volunteer Working Group at the Immigrant Women’s… Continue reading Hamilton’s Top Five Most Welcoming Spaces (for newcomer women)