The immigrant life: “Art in its purest form”

“All immigrants are artists because they create a life, a future, from nothing but a dream. The immigrant’s life is art in its purest form.” – Patricia Engel, Colombian American novelist.
Growing up as a child of first-generation immigrants, I bore witness to artists who dreamt, imagined and created.

Talking about the Taboo

In 2009, the Ontario government’s Ontario Women’s Directorate launched the Neighbours, Friends and Families (NFF) campaign in communities across Ontario. This campaign raised awareness of violence against women in vulnerable groups across Ontario. In Hamilton, Urban Core Community Health Centre worked with immigrant and refugee groups to talk about violence against women and what it means for their families and communities.

Book Review: THE ILLEGAL

The Illegal (HarperCollins) is the latest novel from Hamilton-based author, Lawrence Hill. Released this past September, the timing of book seemed perfect, if for an unfortunate reason. Its release ran alongside the world’s attention forced toward the thousands of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and the surrounding areas, and the sometimes-deadly voyages they faced in hopes of to finding homes elsewhere.

My Neighbour’s Story – Living the War Overseas

I picked up the phone to call Awad* today. The phone on the other end picks up.
“Hello?” says a soft and distressed voice.
“How are you?” I ask.
“ISIS killed my brother today.”
Through heavy sobbing, I’m able to get pieces of the story.

Immigrant Spotlight: Semula Horlings

Semula Horlings is no stranger to the difficulties and struggles that newcomers face. Her role as a Family Settlement Counsellor at the Immigrant Women’s Centre (IWC) has connected her to many clients, each with their own challenges as they try to make Canada their new home. The biggest hurdle for newcomers is the language barrier that… Continue reading Immigrant Spotlight: Semula Horlings