How does being a refugee affect your health?

Approximately one third of immigrants to Hamilton are refugees, a proportion which is higher than the national average. While immigrants may choose to leave their home countries, refugees are forced to flee them due to life-threatening circumstances beyond their control. Refugee women tend to bear the responsibilities of caring for their families and children, and are more often victims of gender-based violence.

The impact of Bill C-31

Recently introduced as federal law, Bill C-31 has drastically changed how the immigration system works. Also called “Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act,” this legislation particularly affects refugee claimants and their families. It became law in June of this year. The bill included revisions to numerous areas of immigration law such as introducing mandatory detainment for… Continue reading The impact of Bill C-31

The impact of quality care

Manal Naeimh’s smile is warm and gracious, as she waits for her doctor at a local health clinic. She and her husband Khosy Saleh live together in a two-bedroom apartment in Hamilton with her mother-in-law, Wazeera Al-Qaisi. As they struggle with looming health problems, having access to quality healthcare has stabilized their lives.

Youth flees Darfur, hopes to reunite with family

  “My dream was to be united with my family in Canada. I believe in hard work and the importance of education. I am grateful for Canada for giving me the opportunity to start again.” “I was 13 years old when the War started in South Sudan. We feared genocide and did not know where… Continue reading Youth flees Darfur, hopes to reunite with family

Karen family finds freedom in Hamilton

Over sixty years of torture, rape, murder, forced labour and village burning by the Burmese military resulted in over 140,000 Karen people successfully fleeing to refugee camps on the Thai-Burmese border. Eight refugee camps have been established along the border, which are filled with people who survived the dangerous and long journey through the jungle… Continue reading Karen family finds freedom in Hamilton