“The smooth face of the past map is scratched…

Amanda Cheun

The definition of a Renaissance man is “an outstanding versatile, well-rounded person who has a broad range of intellectual interests.” Based on such an understanding, meet Sozan Jamil—Renaissance woman! She is a writer, poet, translator, mother, homemaker, world traveler, and businesswoman.
Sozan is 49 and in many ways, has lived two lives within her lifetime.

Making Music Fun

We often use music to express emotions, and to build relationships. Music instruction can also play a key role in a child’s development of invaluable social and life skills. An Instrument for Every Child (AIFEC) is a Hamilton-based music program that works in conjunction with Hamilton-area elementary schools, to provide young students from grades one to four with extra instrumental music classes.

Dance Is Culture Made Visible

Photo courtesy of BAHAR Dance Group

By Elisabeth Chernichenko Who are we, and how do we fit in? Sometimes, the only answer is to dance. “I see dancing as a way [to] express my feelings and beliefs about my culture. [Iranian] culture is a big part of my identity and I try to keep in touch with it through the traditional… Continue reading Dance Is Culture Made Visible

Fashioning her own future

With a passion for fashion, Olinda Manzano runs her own sewing design and alterations shop on Hamilton’s James Street North. / MICHELLE BOTH By Natalie Timperio Strolling down James Street North, Olinda’s Fashion Studio’s bright pink storefront and stylish mannequins are not easily missed. Upon entry, however, one takes notice not of the studio itself… Continue reading Fashioning her own future

One woman’s battle overcoming the isolation of immigration

Arriving in Canada as a refugee claimant left Venila Fequiere feeling isolated and depressed. She faced her challenges head-on, and today her family is thriving together in Hamilton. / Photo by MICHELLE BOTH By Michelle Both When Venila Fequiere first arrived in Hamilton, she had four children, a few suitcases and $500 in her pocket.… Continue reading One woman’s battle overcoming the isolation of immigration