Breaking Barriers, Building Pathways

The geographical separation between McMaster University and Hamilton’s downtown community has been said to be a barrier. However, McMaster’s President, Peatrick Deane, is working hard to create partnerships with local agencies and organizations to connect these two distinct Hamilton communities. For the month of March, the President’s hallway became a gallery space for a group… Continue reading Breaking Barriers, Building Pathways

Mural artist in a new country

  Eddyth Gaviria was always artistic, but until she visited a dental office for her son’s appointment, she never considered making a career of her abilities. “[…] I saw the murals in the office,” explained Gaviria, “and I [thought] ‘I want to do that.’” First trained as an artist and a publicist in The Art… Continue reading Mural artist in a new country

Immigrant Spotlight: Marbell

Like many immigrants from Central America, Marbell Flores, her husband and their six-month-old son came to Canada in search of a better life, leaving the political turmoil of their native Nicaragua behind. The 53-year-old recalls her arrival in 1985 in Hamilton: “It was not easy at the beginning. We needed to learn the language and… Continue reading Immigrant Spotlight: Marbell

Immigrant Spotlight: Julia Serna

Julia Serna loves to make fresh coffee for her customers in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market, and she is proud to be the original vendor of fair-trade, organic coffee in the Market. “She likes working with people, enjoys the opportunity to innovate and be creative, and is confident about the good quality of her product.” When… Continue reading Immigrant Spotlight: Julia Serna