Can women succeed in the skilled trades?

Newcomers to Canada often face multiple challenges when it comes to finding work. For many newcomers, the challenge hinges on red tape – credentials may not be recognized in Canada, or work visas may be denied. When Cornelia Lindsay came to Canada from England, she had problems finding work in her field, but those problems may have been the opportunity she was looking for. Before… Continue reading Can women succeed in the skilled trades?

Healthcare advocates unite at newcomer clinic

Refuge: Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health has completed its first year of operation by successfully gathering support and interest from both clients and fellow service providers in the community. In November of 2011, prominent Hamiltonians Hodan Ali and Dr. Elisabeth Canisius came together to open Refuge. The centre provides healthcare services to new immigrants and… Continue reading Healthcare advocates unite at newcomer clinic

Connections make a difference

In Canada, many people work to fight against racism. Despite our efforts, it sometimes seems impossible to completely eliminate. Racism is present in many aspects of our society from employment, to housing, to our day-to-day interactions. How many times have you seen a job posting that says, “This employer is equality-seeking and welcomes applicants from… Continue reading Connections make a difference

Immigrant Spotlight: Marbell

Like many immigrants from Central America, Marbell Flores, her husband and their six-month-old son came to Canada in search of a better life, leaving the political turmoil of their native Nicaragua behind. The 53-year-old recalls her arrival in 1985 in Hamilton: “It was not easy at the beginning. We needed to learn the language and… Continue reading Immigrant Spotlight: Marbell