Settlement Support

Access support for your family’s settlement needs.

Employment services

Develop job search skills as you prepare for the workforce.

LINC Classes

Improve your English skills in our LINC and credit classes.

Financial support during COVID-19

Find information about financial supports.

You can access services by the phone or online

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Settlement Support

The IWC Settlement Team is continuing to support our clients to ensure that they have access to critical resettlement and case management services.
The Settlement Team can provide one-on-one information and help with:

  • COVID-19 information
  • Information and assistance with:
    • Citizenship applications, PR card assistance, and other immigration related processes
    • Education for adults and children
    • Financial assistance and benefits
    • How to access housing and housing supports
    • How to access healthcare
  • Information about the current state of emergency in Ontario, and how to access what you need during this time.
  • Assistance and guidance to clients seeking basic need supports, mental health referrals, etc.

If you already have a Settlement Counsellor (someone you have met with at IWC) you can contact them directly:

Ahlam 905-662-9160 x223 (Arabic)
Asha          905-525-9676 x225 (Somali)
Bothaina 905-529-5209 x247 (Arabic, Nubian)
Jane           905-525-9676 x227 (Kirundi, Swahili, Kinyarwanda)
Phoebe      905-525-9676 x224 (Arabic)
Rosemary  905-529-5209 x236 (Swahili)
Vicky          905-662-9160 x222 (Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali)
Vivyan        905-387-1100 x224 (Arabic, Kurdish)
Wendy    905-387-1100 x223 (Spanish)

Make sure you leave a message if you do not get through right away. To book an appointment with a Settlement Counsellor, you can contact Rosemary by email to raswani@IWCHamilton.ca or Silva (Arabic) by phone to 905-529-5209 x 221.

Employment services

The IWC Employment Team can provide information and help you with:

  • Employment needs assessment
  • Customized action planning
  • Targeted resume
  • Interview preparation and practice
  • 1-on-1 job search support and assistance
  • Ontario College of Trades Equivalency Application

If you already have an Employment Counsellor (someone you have met with at IWC) you can contact them directly:

Brian 905-525-5209 x 261
Carolyn 905-525-5209 x 257
Doris 905-525-5209 x 225
Eman 905-525-5209 x 223
Joyce 905-525-5209 x 232
Uzma 905-525-5209 x 239
Thary 905-525-5209 x 224

To book an appointment with an Employment Counsellor,
you can contact Uzma by email to uqureshi@IWCHamilton.ca  or by phone 905-529-5209 x 239.

LINC Classes

Online classes are available soon for current students. Your teacher will contact you with more information, or you can call your class site to connect with your teacher.

IWC will be offering online classes soon. To learn more and join the waiting list, contact communications@IWCHamilton.ca or use the “We are here” live chat on the bottom right side of your screen (Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm).

Financial support during COVID-19

If you have lost your job, need information about financial supports available, or need assistance meeting your basic needs (food and housing) you can contact Rosemary by email to raswani@IWCHamilton.ca or by phone to 905-529-5209 x 236 to discuss your needs and book an appointment with a Settlement Counsellor. Make sure to leave a message if you do not reach Rosemary directly.

For more information on financial assistance related to COVID-19, you can also visit this website:

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan: https://www.canada.ca/en/department-finance/economic-response-plan.html

How To:

Our office is virtually open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. All the messages in our social media and Live Chat will be answered promptly.

All other events (Newcomers clubs, Job Fairs, etc.) are cancelled until further notice.

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