Care for Newcomer Children

Educational, at-home program for IWC children and families!

Keeping your child busy while trying to attend your IWC classes is a challenge that our IWC Newcomer Children Care team has taken on digitally! If you are currently enrolled or interested in enrolling in our English Language Classes or Employment programs, contact us about your eligibility to participate in our Edubox program for newcomer families.

Introducing the IWC Edubox!

What is the Edubox?

The Edubox is a once-a-week treat for the entire family brought to you by our Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) team. With its mix of fun and educational activities for kids alongside informational resources for parents and caretakers, the Edubox has been an uplifting resource to look forward to every week!

How does it work?

The Edubox is prepared for eligible families participating in LINC or Employment programming and is:


To participate or learn more about our Edubox program, contact:

Bozena Wosz 

or call 905-529-5209 x1222