Meet a settlement worker

Our settlement workers have supported thousands of newcomers in identifying their needs and making a plan for settling in Hamilton. From housing to healthcare, settlement workers are here to support you as you build a new future in Hamilton. They also offer information sessions on key settlement topics each month. Services are free for permanent residents.

Working with both individuals and families, we can support you in the following:

Meet our settlement team​

Ahlam Mohammed, Settlement counsellor

Ahlam Mohammed

Settlement Counsellor

Asha Bogor, Settlement counsellor

Asha Bogor

Settlement Counsellor

Bothaina Mohamed, Settlement counsellor

Bothaina Mohamed

Settlement Counsellor
(Arabic )

Eiman Elsadig, Settlement counsellor

Eiman Elsadig

Settlement Counsellor/RSW

Jane Sumwiza, Settlement counsellor

Jane Sumwiza

Settlement Counsellor
(Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Swahili)

Phoebe Michael, Settlement counsellor

Phoebe Michael

Settlement Counsellor

Vicky Thind, Settlement counsellor

Vicky Thind

Settlement Counsellor
(Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali)


Vivyan Salih

Settlement Counsellor
(Arabic )

Wendy Johnson, Settlement counsellor

Wendy Johnson

Settlement Counsellor

What to expect when you see a settlement worker

On your first visit with a settlement worker, he or she will: