English Language Training

Improve your English communication skills for work and life

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner, IWC has an English communication course to meet your needs. The LINC to Work program will prepare you with English for the Canadian workplace while you practice essential communication skills for all aspects of life in Canada.

Whether you are looking to improve your English to secure employment, pursue a Canadian education or are looking to improve your overall language confidence for the workplace - there is an IWC Language Instruction pathway to meet your needs! C pathway designed especially for you!

Take a language assessment and connect with our team to get started!

The IWC Learning Experience

Eliminating barriers to your learning progress, while providing you with a flexible, supportive and goal-oriented learning environment is at the forefront of what we do.

Accessible and flexible

Supportive Learning

Meaningful and Goal-oriented

English Learning Pathways

Become an IWC-LINC students and explore your options for:

General English Classes

Available for a wide range of CLB levels with a focus on improving your reading/writing and speaking/listening skills while simultaneously learning about Canadian work-place customs and culture.

Work and Business English Classes

Improve your English language skills, quickly! All while preparing yourself to apply your new language skills in a professional Canadian work environment.

Advanced and Academic English

For more experienced-English learners – join IWC Academy and improve your language and communication skills all while pursuing transferable school credit recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

1. Complete a free Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) assessment

This can be done in Hamilton at YMCA CLARS Language Assessment Centres .
To book an appointment call:

For other testing locations in the Greater Toronto Area visit the YMCA-GTA website.

2. Gather your documentation

Once received, gather your Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) report along with proof of status/identification (permanent resident card or refugee status card).

3. Connect with our team to register!