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The Immigrants Working Centre has four sites in Hamilton serving newcomers to Canada. We welcome you to visit to learn more about our programs and services, or contact one of our staff members listed below.

All office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

MAIN SITE – Head Office

8 Main St. E. Ste. 101 Hamilton, ON L8N 1E8

Tel: 905-529-5209
Fax: 905-521-0541

Administrative Team

Ines Rios, Executive Director
905-529-5209 x 229 irios@IWCHamilton.ca

Elizabeth Webb, Assistant Director
905-529-5209 x 228 ewebb@IWCHamilton.ca

Uzma Qureshi, Director of Employment Services
905-529-5209 x 239 uqureshi@IWCHamilton.ca

Wasan Mohamad, LINC Program Manager
905-529-5209 x 252 wmohamad@IWCHamilton.ca

Jennifer Weiler, Education Coordinator
905-529-5209 x 258 jweiler@IWCHamilton.ca

Rosemary Aswani (Swahili), Manager of Frontline Settlement Services
905-529-5209 x 236 raswani@IWCHamilton.ca

Alinamaria Rodriguez, Executive Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator
905-529-5209 x 227 arodriguez@IWCHamilton.ca

Yolanda Riano, Accountant
905-529-5209 x 226 yriano@IWCHamilton.ca

Leydy Osorio, Accountant Assistant
905-529-5209 x 230 accountantassist@iwchamilton.ca

Bozena Woszczyk, Care for Newcomer Children Services Supervisor
905-529-5209 x 222 bwosz@IWCHamilton.ca

David Quezada, Communications & Development Manager
905-529-5209 x 246 dquezada@IWCHamilton.ca

Benedict Koffi, Communication Coordinator
905-529-5209 x 248 bkoffi@IWCHamilton.ca

Patricia Cirillo, Website Coordinator & Developer
905-529-5209 x 245 webcoordinator@IWCHamilton.ca

Lamyaa Al Qadhi (Arabic), Client Service Specialist
905-529-5209 x 221 admain@IWCHamilton.ca

Language Training

Eileen Toma, LINC Coordinator
905-529-5209 x 233 maincoordinator@IWCHamilton.ca

Employment Services

Doris Carranza (Spanish), Employment Specialist
905-525-5209 x 225 dcarranza@IWCHamilton.ca

Eman Ismail-Elmasri (Arabic), Employment Specialist
905-529-5209 x 223 eelmasri@IWCHamilton.ca

Thary Phy (Khmer /Cambodian), Employment Specialist
905-529–5209 x 224 tphy@IWCHamilton.ca

Carolyn Hudson, Employment Specialist
905-529–5209 x 257 chudson@iwchamilton.ca

Brian McNamara, Employment Counsellor
905-529–5209 x 261 employmentcounsellor@iwchamilton.ca

Settlement Services

Bothaina Mohamed (Arabic, Nubian), ISAP Family Settlement Counsellor
905-529-5209 x 247 bmohamed@IWCHamilton.ca


182 Rebecca St. Hamilton, ON L8R 1C1

Tel: 905-525-9676
Fax: 905-521-1981

Administrative Team

Aivel Cagas, Client Service Specialist
905-525-9676 x 221 adrebecca@iwchamilton.ca


Morena Zaldana, LINC Coordinator
905-525-9676 x 223 coordinator@IWCHamilton.ca


Asha Bogor (Somali), ISAP Family Settlement Counsellor
905-525-9676 x 225 abogor@IWCHamilton.ca

Jane Sumwiza (Kirundi, Swahili, Kinyarwanda), ISAP Family Settlement Counsellor
905-525-9676 x 227 jsumwiza@IWCHamilton.ca

Phoebe Michael (Arabic), ISAP Family Settlement Counsellor
905-525-9676 x 224 pmichael@iwchamilton.ca


1119 Fennell Ave. E. Ste. #236 Hamilton, ON L8T 1S2

Tel: 905-387-1100
Fax: 905-387-1770

Administrative Team

Lelav Kittani, LINC Administrator / Client Service Specialist
905-387-1100 x 221 adfennell@IWCHamilton.ca

Settlement Services

Vivyan Salih (Arabic, Kurdish), ISAP Family Settlement Counsellor
905-387-1100 x 224 vsalih@IWCHamilton.ca

Wendy Johnson (Spanish), ISAP Family Settlement Counsellor
905-387-1100 x 223 wjohnson@IWCHamilton.ca


160 Centennial Parkway North #7 Hamilton, ON L8E 1H9

Tel: 905-662-9160
Fax: 905-662-6472

Administrative Team

Tara Al-Janabi, Client Service Specialist
905-662-9160 x 221 admineast@iwchamilton.ca

Settlement Services

Vicky Thind (Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali), ISAP Family Settlement Counsellor
905-662-9160 x 222 vthind@IWCHamilton.ca

Ahlam Mohammed (Arabic), ISAP Family Settlement Counsellor
905-662-9160 x 223 amohammed@IWCHamilton.ca