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Reach your career potential in Canada!

As Hamilton’s only newcomer-focused employment agency, our team is committed to see you through your journey from job seeker to employee!

Working daily with newcomers of diverse educational and occupational experiences, our team of industry experts includes counsellors with specialities in:

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Employment Counselling

Career Action Plans

Work with our Employment Team to develop a personalized job plan suited to your unique needs. Outline your goals, create an action plan and gain confidence in your job search!

Targeted Resumes

Use your experience and skills to create a personalized, industry-specific resume. Show your skills, impress Canadian employers and get one stop closer to landing that job!

Interview Preparation

Learn how to impress Canadian employers with your knowledge and professionalism in both in-person and online interviews! Contact us today to book an intake assessment with our Employment Team.

Trades Gateway Program

Are you a newcomer with international experience in a trade?

Our Trades Gateway program may be just what you need to work in your field in Ontario!

Trades Gateway is a free online portal for internationally trained tradespeople in Ontario. Gain access to key information about your trade in Ontario, learn step-by-step information on the requirements to apply for licensing or certification through the Trade Equivalency Assessment Path, networking and more.

Connect with our employment team today and get started with:

Applying to Skilled Trades Ontario (STO):
Navigating the lengthy STO application process can be overwhelming and complex. Our employment specialists are here to support you every step of the way.

Passing your Skilled Trades Ontario (STO) exam:
Explore our available courses to ensure that you know exactly what to expect on your final exam!


Improve your English language skills and prepare for the workplace, all in one quick program!

Enroll in our 6-8 week WorkLINK program and:

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