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Pursuing Higher Education – Information Session

Join our Settlement Team tomorrow afternoon at our Fennell site and learn about the value and benefits of higher education! Hear from guest speakers from Mohawk College to get your questions answered and understand how you can grow your opportunities through higher education. For more information or to register, please contact Vivyan at vsalih@iwchamilton.ca, Wendy at wjohnson@iwchamilton.ca or Mimi at […]

HIPC Newcomer Information Fair

Join HIPC, IWC and other local service providers for an exciting afternoon of learning about Hamilton and the numerous resources available to newcomers. Get guided tours of Hamilton Central Library, virtual walking tours of Hamilton (Get to Know My City) and check out photo displays! No registration is required. See you there! 

WorkLINK – Pronunciation and Social Interactions in the Workplace

Online Ontario, Canada

Enhance workplace communication with our new WorkLINK course! Over 4 weeks, this online program will provide guidance and tips for effective communication in professional settings. Learn how to engage in small talk, develop your conflict resolution skills, and more! For more information or client referrals, please contact Lelav at lkittani@iwchamilton.ca  

Navigating Workplace Culture – Information Session

A strong culture can play an important role in your overall experience in the workplace. In this upcoming session, our Employment team will provide information on how to adapt to Canadian workplace culture, the importance of soft skills, and other tips to support a thriving career. For more information or to register, please contact Thary at tphy@iwchamilton.ca 

Careers with Hamilton Police Services – Information Session

Discover careers with Hamilton Police Services in this upcoming session hosted by our Employment Team! In this educational session, individuals will learn how they can become successful candidates for various roles with the Hamilton Police. Join us as we explore career paths, requirements to be considered for an interview, how to prepare for an interview and much more. For […]

G1 Driving Test Preparation Classes in Arabic

Fennell Site 1119 Fennell Ave. E #234, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Get on the road to success with our G1 Driving Test Preparation classes! Learn the rules of the road, traffic signs, and safe driving practices. Find out how to obtain a license for cars, trucks, or vans. For details and registration, contact Wasan at communityconnection@iwchamilton.ca

Centre 3 – Punch Needling Exhibition

29 Harriet St. 29 Harriet St., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Join us at Centre for an exhibition showcasing the creative works of our clients who participated in our punch needling workshop organized by Centre and the Workers Arts Heritage Centre! In this workshop participants not only learned about punch embroidery but also created their own masterpieces. Now, they're excited to exhibit their artwork. Discover their […]

Welcome to Canada Sessions

Centennial Site 160 Centennial Pkwy N #7, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Have you recently immigrated to Canada? Join our upcoming "Welcome to Canada" session conducted by our  Settlement team. This informative session provides essential information and resources to support you in your settlement journey here in Canada. For more information please contact adminsettlement@iwchamilton.ca

Understanding Immigration Documents

Centennial Site 160 Centennial Pkwy N #7, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Looking for information about Citizenship applications, Citizenship tests, PR card renewals, and travel document applications? Do you want to know about eligibility criteria, requirements, and necessary documents? Join our Settlement team for this in-person session and get answers to all your questions!   For more information please contact Ravleen at rkaler@iwchamilton.ca

Citizenship Preparation Classes – Online

Online Ontario, Canada

Get prepare  for the Canadian Citizenship test! Work in an interactive group setting as you review the “Discover Canada” guide, complete practice questions, and enhancing your confidence for your upcoming test. Take the next step in your citizenship journey and register today!  For more information, please contact communityconnection@iwchamilton.ca 

Navigating the Legal System

Online Ontario, Canada

Are you a woman looking to gain knowledge and skills to navigate the legal system? Join us for an informative workshop organized in partnership with Jared's House, created for women like you. In this workshop you will learn valuable tips on working with lawyers, understanding courtroom etiquette, planning for safety, and staying safe in your […]

Employment Rights and Responsibilities

Online Ontario, Canada

Navigate the job market confidently in this informative session presented by our Employment team! Explore the key aspects of employment rights and responsibilities in Canada. Learn about Canadian labor laws, workplace regulations, employee rights and more. For more information, please contact Rasha at rsaeed@iwchamilton.ca

Closure Notice!

Please note that all IWC locations will be closed on Monday, August 5th. Our offices will re-open and all services will resume on Tuesday, August 6th at 9:00 AM.