Voices of Care: Our Care for Newcomer Children Team work and impact.

Childcare team at IWC taking care of children
Child under IWC Care for the Newcomer Child program, preparing a yellow liquid with a red spoon
IWC Childcare team member plays with a child. Both laughing

Today, as we celebrate Early Childhood Educator and Child Care Worker Appreciation Day, we’re excited to bring you the voices of five outstanding members from our Care for Newcomer Child team. They open up and share with us their passion for working with children, what they find most fulfilling in their roles, and the transformative impact they bring to children and families.

What is your favorite aspect of working with young children and what makes it rewarding?

Gabriela: “Working with young children gives us utmost happiness and curiosity for life, is a non stop learning process. Working with immigrant children and their families gives me personally and scope of the world that I do not think I could have had otherwise and for that I am very grateful.


Maream:It makes me happy and makes me enjoy life around and feel the curiosity that I felt in my childhood, knowing that I am contributing to form new individuals.”


Maria: “What I like most about working with young children is the energy in the classroom; it keeps you young. You can be silly and laugh. We can witness many firsts (first steps, first drawings, etc.). I love the children’s curiosity and how quickly they learn. I find rewarding is how we help these little humans achieve their potential.”


Yasmin: “I enjoy the time I spend with the children and how much I learn from them. I also love watching them play. I love when they ask questions to satisfy their curiosity.”


Silva: “Watching children reach their developmental milestones is the most rewarding feeling for me as an early childhood educator.”

“It makes me happy and makes me enjoy life around and feel the curiosity that I felt in my childhood" 

How does early childhood education make a difference in a child's life and their families?

Gabriela:  “Childhood education is key in the development of a healthy human being. It is the first contact a child has with the education environment that, in these days, is more oriented toward opening possibilities and helping the little humans get to know how they are and to find for themselves their true colors.
We work side by side with the parents and families that come to our organization. We aim to see the child as an individual and deliver our service based on each child’s interest and needs, paying attention to all this is crucial to developing self esteem, self regulation skills and a healthy problem and conflict management.”


Maream: I think every child is unique and deserves to be treated as a treasure to be discovered.”


Maria: “Early Childhood education sets the foundation for learning .The first 6  years of a child are the most important  in a child’s life. Makes the children ready to learn in all areas of their development.”


Yasmin:”I see myself as a professional who can influence a child’s life, and this inspires me to put my best effort every day.”


Silva: “From birth until age five, the brain undergoes a phenomenal amount of wiring and growth. My role as an Early Childhood Educator is to provide children in my care with the best experiences, to help them walk through all areas of developmental milestones: Physical, cognitive, language, self-help, social, and emotional skills, which will help them to have the best start in life.” 

On Early Childhood Educator and Child Care Worker Appreciation Day, we celebrate and extend our gratitude to these incredible individuals making a difference, one tiny heart at a time. 


IWC Care for Newcomer Child Services stands by families accessing our programs. Parents can use any of IWC’s services with peace of mind, knowing that their children are always safe and nearby. In this space, their little ones can play, learn, and engage in meaningful experiences that encourage their healthy development.

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