Meet IWC'S Volunteer of the Year 2023!

We are honoured to introduce Paul Warner, who was recognized during our 35th Anniversary celebration, as the Immigrant Workers Center’s Volunteer of the Year.

Around two years ago, Paul joined IWC to facilitate citizenship and GED exam preparation classes. Our Community Connections Director, Wasan Mohamad says “These sessions could not have been as successful without his [Paul’s] involvement.”

After studying to be an English Teacher at the University of Toronto, Paul spent 46 years working in the business world. Over the last 25 years, he worked around the world, mostly in Latin America, helping rural and indigenous communities affected by mining. In his career, he recalls these years as the most rewarding for him.

Paul’s strong commitment to his volunteer work at IWC comes from an array of diverse experiences. His passion doesn’t just come from his extensive volunteer work across organizations, but also from the years he spent working overseas, the self-recognition that his ancestors were immigrants at some point of this country’s creation, and his own cross-cultural family ties.

Paul, IWC's Volunteer of the Year showing his award, next to Wasan, IWC's Director of Community Connections

"These sessions could not have been as successful without his [Paul's] involvement."

After returning to Canada in 2009, Paul settled in Toronto before moving to Hamilton in 2018. Upon full-time retirement in 2020, a world of new hobbies opened, including volunteering for various organizations in the city, spending time with the family, and taking up on the challenge of learning the piano.

Paul’s work at IWC has not gone unnoticed; he has guided dozens of clients in various classes and initiatives. With his commitment, he has had a lasting impact on our community and the integration of newcomers to Canada, earning him the well-deserved title of IWC’s Volunteer of the Year.

We extend our deepest gratitude to volunteers like Paul, whose dedication reminds us of the significant impact individuals can make within their communities through the genuine desire to serve.