Reaching Career Aspirations: Hamza's Story

Meet Hamza! He arrived to Canada from Morocco with ambitious career aspirations and a plan to contribute his skills to Canada’s Civil Engineering industry. Hamza’s journey in Canada began just 10 months ago, in late October 2022.  

Upon arrival, his first goal was clear: he wanted to work in his industry as a project manager and leverage his transferable skills. His commitment to his field, specifically in concrete corrosion engineering, led him to develop a month-by-month plan before coming to Canada. Understanding the value of support from government settlement agencies, Hamza reached out to a number of organizations – IWC being one of them. With the assistance of his counsellor Thary, Hamza tailored his resume and cover letter to reflect his skills and embarked on a successful job search journey. 


Through Thary, Hamza met his mentor, Josh, a fellow engineer with project management certification and work experience in the Canadian engineering sector. Josh and Hamza would meet regularly, discussing Hamza’s skills, reviewing interview strategies and finding networking opportunities so Hamza can truly excel in just job search.  

Image of Hamza

Hamza’s proactive approach continued as he attended expos and other events within his industry, using them as opportunities to continue to grow his network and connect with other professionals in his field.

"During my interviews and networking events, I didn't feel anxious at all. I just was myself, expressed myself comfortably and confidently, and I was successful due to their [Josh and Thary’s] guidance.”

Hamza’s hard work and determination paid off, as he received multiple job offers. This month, he is set to begin a new position at the provincial level, marking a significant milestone in his journey.  


Here are Hamza’s top five tips for newcomers to Canada: 

  1. Never underestimate yourself: Every person possesses traits, skills, and experiences valuable to employers. Share your motivation, and enthusiasm.
  2. Networking is key: Connect with others, attend conferences, exhibitions, and workshops. Ask questions to gain diverse perspectives and receive valuable advice.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask for help: People are genuinely willing to provide advice that can change and support your career growth.
  4. Build/join a network of like-minded individuals: Find people with similar experiences and interests to feel a sense of connection.
  5. Take care of your physical and mental health: A healthy mind and body are essential for a successful journey.

Hamza mentions on last takeaway for newcomers in Canada– he states that life in Canada is like a rocket. It may take a lot of work to get off the ground, but once taking off, you can reach the sky.  Join us in celebrating Hamza’s incredible achievements and the perseverance of newcomers in Canada to achieve their dreams their new home.


This blog post is just one piece of our Welcoming Week series, where we aim to spotlight the incredible people, places, and values that create an inclusive and inviting environment in our communities. Together, let’s celebrate diversity, support newcomers, and continue building bridges that make Canada a truly welcoming home for all. Click here to read more incredible stories in the series.