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12 Mar

10 Key Things to Know about Work Permits

Canada welcomes 500,000 immigrants annually. Scams targeting newcomers, especially regarding work permits, are rising. Stay informed and safe with our guide to the 10 key facts about Canadian work permits.


29 Jan

Partnerships That Transform Lives: McMaster Hospitality Services

We are celebrating our decade-long partnership with McMaster Hospitality Services, that continues supporting the economical and social success of newcomers in Hamilton.


19 Dec

Meet IWC’s Volunteer of the Year 2023!

Get to know Paul Warner, our Volunteer of the Year at IWC. Join us in celebrating his impactful two-year volunteering journey.


13 Nov

35 Years of Memories: Celebrating Our Journey. Pt1

Let's revisit a key moment during the Syrian refugee resettlement in 2015-2016 in Hamilton, and meet Amanda, our former Special Refugee Initiative Coordinator, who played a crucial role in IWC's 20for20 project.


25 Oct

Strength Beyond Borders: Liliana’s Story

Liliana, a mother, a hard worker, a refugee, a Latina, a "berraca". As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we honor and amplify the voices of those within the Hispanic community whose stories inspire us.


17 Oct

Voices of Care: Our Care for Newcomer Children Team work and impact.

On this Early Childhood Educator and Child Care Worker Appreciation Day, hear from our Care for Newcomer Child team. We asked about their work and the impact they create, their responses are sure to inspire and move you.


18 Sep

Bridging Success, Empowering Newcomers: Josh’s Story 

Bridging Success, Empowering Newcomers: Josh’s Story As we recognize the notable contributions of our community during Welcoming Week, we are thrilled to shine our spotlight on Josh, a benevolent community […]


15 Sep

Kseniya: Empathy and Compassion as Her Strategy

Kseniya, a dedicated settlement counsellor in Hamilton, who fosters hope and belonging for newcomers through her work


14 Sep

Reaching Career Aspirations: Hamza’s Story

Reaching Career Aspirations: Hamza’s Story Meet Hamza! He arrived to Canada from Morocco with ambitious career aspirations and a plan to contribute his skills to Canada’s Civil Engineering industry. Hamza’s journey in […]


13 Sep

Elham, Newcomer Turned Welcomer

Meet Elham, an Immigration Specialist at IWC. She left Sudan in 2011 under the skilled worker program and now supports newcomers establish themselves in Canada.


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